How is it installed?

Process to install your new Comfy Kerb…

First, your kerb is cleaned to maximise fix and adhesion, then a high quality rubber & concrete glue is applied to most of the full area of each rubber infill.

The infills are then attached to your kerb surface, followed by the drilling of 10mm dynabolt holes at 300mm centres and 100mm from ends, bolts are then inserted and fixed.

Then a non slip cap is placed over each bolt head and glued, for protection and appearance. Afterward, more glue is applied to all outer edgings, for maximum strength, also eliminating any chance of debris hooking or catching, allowing a smooth water flow.


Moreton Bay Regional Council

Gutter Friendly

Our 2 piece kerb system is installed with a gap to prevent gutter blockages and allowing adequate water flow and easy cleaning


Comfy Kerb infills are made from Australian Recycled Tyres

Creamy Soft Grey

Comfy Kerb’s approved colour is standard creamy soft grey,
allowing easier vision for yourself and other traffic, day and night

Trailer & Caravan Owners

Helps with reversing by levelling out your kerb,
minimises tilting, twisting & mirror off setting & indirecting
when rising & lowering over your kerb