Now there’s a practical solution to sharp, steep &
uncomfortable access to and from your property?

Comfy Kerb makes your gutter safer, easier and much more comfortable for all two & four wheel vehicles:

mobility scooters, push bikes, motor bikes, cars, caravans, trailers & trucks etc…

Caravan & Trailer Reversing Made Easier

The 2 piece layback kerb infill system helps level out your otherwise steep bumpy and awkward gutter, making reversing easier, by keeping your mirrors in a straight line for more accurate vision while reversing, maximising safety for yourself and other traffic, allowing an easier and quicker entry back into your home.

Cabooluture Gutter ramps for easier access

Mobility Scooters

Layback kerbs can be dangerous and in many cases impossible when entering or departing properties. Comfy Kerb is designed to allow even the smallest mobility scooters with some of the smallest wheel sizes a smooth comfortable and safe exit or entry to your home.

Comfy Kerb was first established when it was found that a very special and lovely elderly couple, Peter & Sibbel of Morayfield were unable to leave their own property as their kerb access was too steep and dangerous for their mobility scooter. We are now very pleased to say that after installing Comfy Kerb, Peter & Sibbel are now enjoying the comfort and freedom of leaving and returning to their property as they wish. “Being able to do this has meant so much to us” – Comfy Kerb

Gutter blocks to stop cars from scraping on your driveway

Comfy Kerb supports happy cars & happy motoring

Can you imagine minimal delay each time you enter or exit your own property, like having a remote control for your roller door, Comfy Kerb now supplies the solution for a smooth, safe and comfortable access with minimal time wasted at every entry or exit to and from your property, instead of bouncing across and from side to side on your car seat.  No more spilling your morning coffee as you leave home, waking up baby, or driving so extra slow & careful to prevent possible falling, chipping, breaking or tipping of items in your car etc.


Comfy Kerb layback kerb infills:

  • Environmentally friendly – are made from Australian recycled tyres, another perfect solution to one of Australia’s biggest problem wastes.
  • Avoids wheel alignment displacement when entering or exiting your kerb quickly or at sharp angles
  • Prevents vehicle bottoming
  • Stops scraping of spoilers, exhausts, towbars etc
  • Avoids difficult reversing of caravans, boats, trailers etc
  • Allows easy safe entry & exit for your vehicle without oncoming traffic restrictions or inconvenience to others, also minimising & avoiding accidents upon entry & exiting of property
  • Two piece design allows adequate water flow & easy clean outs
  • Comfy Kerb fixings to kerbs are first cleaned for maximum adhesion and bonding using very high quality glues & dyna bolted 300mm apart & 100mm from ends.
  • Minimal installation time & access restriction
  • Colour – cream soft grey, for gutter blending & maximum visability night and day
  • All Moreton Bay Shire Council approved with spacings of 100mm for mobility scooters, and between 115mm to 125mm for all other vehicles, gap distances evaluated on water flow volumes.
  • A similar design to Comfy Kerb has been used successfully for over 15 years on the Gold Coast & surrounding areas, having more than a thousand happy & satisfied customers.
  • Comfy Kerb being exclusive distributors, have resized the original infill template to suit kerb systems throughout the Moreton Bay Shire Region.



Standard kerb infills

4m length $825 (incl. GST)

Supplied & Fitted

Caboolture/Morayfield area




Moreton Bay Regional Council

Gutter Friendly

Our 2 piece kerb system is installed with a gap to prevent gutter blockages and allowing adequate water flow and easy cleaning


Comfy Kerb infills are made from Australian Recycled Tyres

Creamy Soft Grey

Comfy Kerb’s approved colour is standard creamy soft grey,
allowing easier vision for yourself and other traffic, day and night

Trailer & Caravan Owners

Helps with reversing by levelling out your kerb,
minimises tilting, twisting & mirror off setting & indirecting
when rising & lowering over your kerb